State of Search Marketing Infographic – Mobile Trends

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SEMPO is excited to present the State of Search Marketing Infographic on Mobile Trends.

The State of Search Marketing Report showcases changes from 2012 and insights into what to expect in 2014. This annual report is a critical touchstone for digital marketers looking to assess where they stand today and where they should be looking for success tomorrow.

The Mobile Trends Infographic reveals mobile is likely to play an increasingly important role in marketing plans, yet marketers have not set aside significant budget dedicated to mobile marketing.

The infographic is a visual representation of the 9th Annual State of Search Marketing Report that was fielded by the SEMPO Research Committee in conjunction with Econsultancy.

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SEMPO_State of Search_ Mobile Trends















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Past State of Search Marketing reports can be viewed here.


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    1. Sam Mudra

      This is a timely article for us. We are about to write an article on a very similar topic on mobile marketing and SEO and this info-graphic is going to be a valuable data resource for us. It is truly said that increasing number of mobile internet users is a new window for marketers to showcase their products or services on-the-go. Thanks for this valuable data-graphic.

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