SEMPO Hangout Recap: Content Marketing

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Content MarketingThis month’s Google Hangout on July 14, 2015, focused on content marketing. The Hangout was hosted by SEMPO’s Vice President of Education, Simon Heseltine. Participants included:

-Arnie Kuenn, CEO of Vertical Measures

-Rebecca Lieb, Vice President of Content Marketing at Teradata Applications

-Miranda Miller, Chief Content Strategist & Founder at MEDIAau

The purpose of the SEMPO Hangouts is to empower audiences across the globe with a deeper understanding on complex subjects. Unlike a webinar, the unstructured format, streaming video, and conversational tone provide a sense of shared space with the audience and a more familiar “face” for in-depth technology-based discussions. Below are some of the most important insights from the panel.

Key Takeaways

1. Not all content can be engaging to all audiences. It’s important to consider product utility when creating content and to optimize content for target users with a specific problem.

2. To locate high-quality content ideas, brands can analyze their internal site search queries. They can then create content that corresponds with high-frequency on-site searches to ensure user needs are being met.

3. The vast majority of brands still don’t have a documented content management strategy.

4. Team members can be trained to identify brand stories and to share them across their internal social networks. This helps create a more effective content management workflow and improves audience targeting.

5. Senior executives can set the culture of content for an organization. The more the senior executives are involved in the content creation process, the better the quality of the content becomes.

6. One of the leading mistakes companies can make is to expect immediate results within their content marketing strategies. Content marketing is a process that requires a long-term commitment to increase the chances of success.

7. Quality of content is only going to become more important in the content marketing field. Creativity and originality are the future of content marketing.

Recommended Content Marketing Tools

Preferred Starting Tools:


Google Analytics

Google Suggest

Notable Quotes

“(Brands) that felt they were successful in their content marketing, had a documented content marketing strategy…”

“Ideally, C-level executives should be public online and should be out there with content of their own…”

“Consumers trust people that are lower down in the organization more than they trust CEOs…”

“If you’re just putting your content out there and hoping it’s going to do well, you’re not going to reach the right people…”

“If you’re not comfortable calling it a blog, call it a learning center and make all content on the platform learning-oriented…”

“You have to understand why you’re making each piece of content and who you’re trying to reach…”

“Creativity can drive content strategy incredibly far in non-profits…”

Watch the full Hangout here:


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