Article Writing Tips for Internet Marketers

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Article writing is probably the most important step of the on-page SEO process. Without quality content the search engines will never take your website seriously and you’ll struggle to find visitors.

The following tips – compiled with the help of Forge Web Design – will set you off on the right track if you need help developing content that shines.

Learn from the Masters

Writing is a trainable profession. While you’re unlikely to reach the creative heights of Hemmingway, reading will make you better. When you read you will instinctively pick up on what works and what doesn’t. Set aside a little time each day to read blogs by your favorite influencers, being mindful of their style and language.

Pay particular attention to how they are structuring their posts: the length of their paragraphs, how they incorporate other media, and how they begin and conclude their articles. Compare your own work to theirs and try to find ways to improve. Incorporate your findings into previously published content on your own website. This will provide the perfect testing ground to see if making amendments leads to greater engagement.

Use Relevant Words and Phrases

Google has one purpose: to rank the most relevant and beneficial content for the searcher. Make sure your content is actually about the keywords you’re targeting. This may seem self-explanatory, but SEO consultants all-to-often try to cram in multiple keywords and phrases that are disconnected from the topic in question.

That’s not to say that you should spam the content. Moderation is always key. Google’s algorithm is advanced enough to determine which search terms to rank your content for, regardless of whether or not they’re an exact match.

Forget About Word Counts

Search engines used to have a very strict criteria. If articles weren’t at least 500 words, with a keyword density of 3-5 percent, exposure was often limited. Many people in the SEO business still recommend taking this approach; however, Google’s algorithm can recognize these trends, and foul play will often have adverse effects.

Forget about word counts and keyword density altogether. If the information can be conveyed with 100 words, that’s absolutely fine. Providing it’s valuable and relevant, your rankings will not be affected.

Write for People, Not for Search Engines

This is the most important tip of all. Quality SEO isn’t about pleasing Google’s algorithm; it’s about pleasing people. Take the time to write to the best of your abilities. Keep your writing clear, concise and focused. Efficiency is key. The quicker and easier readers can digest your content, the better.

You should always strive to do the following:

  1. Write short sentences and paragraphs.
  2. Avoid flowery language – ensure your writing is understandable.
  3. Use a variety of content – text, images, and videos.
  4. Thoroughly edit and proofread your work.
  5. Use bullet points and headers.

Forget About These Rules…

Follow your instincts and intuition – these rules are merely guidelines. Writing should not be methodological or mathematical. Have fun with it and think about what you like to read yourself. If your content doesn’t engage you, then it’s unlikely to engage others.

It’s always worth refreshing your article writing strategies and discarding old techniques that are no longer viable. Not only does this save time and energy, it ensures your content will withstand the test of time and generate results in the years to come.

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