10 Hosted Email Services That Run in the Cloud

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Hosted Email Services That Run in the Cloud

Okay, I have used so many email solutions over the years, some bad, some just really bad and then others that really work as you aspect them too.

When you run a business, there’s no avoiding email, be it a small freelance business to any large corporation.  There’s a lot of it and this means you need to have plenty of storage for it.  Not only that, but you want secure hosted email, so you know that all of that important data is safe.  The key is to use hosted email services. I’ve listed 10 of the best to help you narrow down which one to try out.

What are hosted email services?

There are three main options for email services – shared web and email hosting, self-hosted email and third party email hosting.  Email hosting by a special company is the best option for businesses as you can avoid slowing down your website, have more control over the features you pay for and ensure all data is stored securely.  They also offer a range of state of the art security features, spam filters and collaboration tools.

Best cloud email hosting

There are plenty of companies that offer this kind of service and here are 10 of the best and why they are worth considering for your business email needs.
Office 365

Office 365

If you use Microsoft’s Office 365 for services such as Word or Excel, then you will also get access to the cloud email hosting as part of the comprehensive package.  This allows you to do the basics of sending and receiving emails, have custom domain addresses and also includes comprehensive security and spam services.

G Suite

G Suite from Google is one of the top options for hosted mail.  The subscription service includes a range of Google’s products and means you can easily redirect a domain email to a Google inbox to use alongside free Gmail accounts you may have.  The plans also include enhanced storage, calendar, contacts and a range of collaboration features.

Zoho Workspace

Zoho offers a great range of features alongside their hosted email services that are a little different to other providers.  You can stream messages as well as send traditional emails, there are collaborative inboxes for a whole team and a range of features accessible through the app for speed.


If you want something that is a simple hosted email service, then Rackspace may be the perfect option.  They offer two options, email hosting or hosted exchange with the core service offering the basics of email – calendar, contacts and various inboxes.  The other option includes shared calendars, archive tools and extended features.



DuoCircle offer a budget-friendly, simple way to get the email services you need with their mail host services.  It automatically includes advanced anti-virus features, phishing guards and anti-spam filtering while remaining cost effective and easy to use.  They make use of the popular Amazon Web Services S3 to ensure all emails are safe and secure.


Fasthosts is another budget friendly option for hosted email that starts from five accounts with small inboxes and scales up as you need it to avoid paying for more storage than you need.  They also offer a larger inbox option via the Outlook web app and even provide a free domain for 12 months.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web offer managed and dedicated server packages but also offer a cost-effective option for email.  Their basic plan provides a good range of features and lets you import contacts from Gmail and Outlook.  There’s a flat fee to start with then small increases for each mailbox you need.  There’s also a plus plan for more advanced features.

email cloud


Greatmail offers two main options with the standard plan with a price per inbox (although there is a minimum of 15 inboxes you can order) and a more advanced plan for additional features such as shared calendars and contacts.  It works with POP or IMAP protocols and automatically syncs with apps and desktop versions.


FastMail is another simple and straightforward email service that allows you to use the features you need without causing confusion with lots of things you don’t.  it has advanced quick filters and ways to program or archive messages as well as a range of collaborative features for teams.  You can also customise storage options for employees depending on their use and needs.


Mailhostingservice.com offer a streamlined messaging service alongside the standard email features that allows you to easily communicate with your team.  It includes a range of junk and spam settings to ensure the inbox remains safe and as free of junk as possible while using Amazon’s web Services S3 to store all of the data.

Choosing a provider

There are loads of options when it comes to email hosting services on the cloud.  You can follow the trend micro hosted email security and choose a smaller, more dedicated provider or stick with a big name like Microsoft or Google.  Whatever you choose, make sure you get the right balance of features for the price.


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